Why you should have a knife when going camping?

It’s good to be out in the wild, to be one with nature.
While a decade ago it was all the rage to go to expensive resorts and spa hotels, now it seems to be way trendier to go camping out in the woods, which is all fine and well. But just because everybody’s doing it, does not mean it’s that easy.

Camping, especially for a longer stretch of time, can be hard work, depends incredibly on weather conditions and can put you in a very tough situation, should you not be well prepared. A camper has to think of all that could possibly go wrong and prepare for it beforehand, be it unexpected climate changes, injuries of any sort, technology failures, equipment malfunctions or other emergencies.

And while with experience and time this preparation becomes faster and easier, for relative amateurs it is of vital importance. Experienced campers may be able to improvise with what’s at hand to deal with unexpected problems out in the wild (we’re looking at you, Bear Grylls!), but if you do not feel like you are there yet, experience-wise, you should definitely triple check your packing, before you head off.

We are sure you will not forget your tent, sleeping bag, food, or extra clothes. But let us talk about knives. Knives are not to be underestimated under any circumstances, one of which is camping. They can mean kill or be killed, have a cleared road ahead or one full of stray branches, they can be the tool which makes you a camper with sustenance. OK, we are getting a little dramatic here.

The truth though, is that a good camping knife can enhance your outdoors experience greatly, given that it is used almost constantly. While slicing open packages, cutting twigs for a campfire or even getting rid of unwanted visitors to your campsite, such as raccoons and weasels, you will find yourself attached to your knife as if it was a natural extension of your hand.

All outdoor knives have two most important characteristics: they are sturdy and extremely sharp. However, if you were to ask a few experienced campers which type of knife is most important for ensuring your comfort and even survival, you might come across a few different answers.

One might say: the survival knife. (Yes, it looks exactly like the knife Rambo uses.) This is a multifunctional tool and weapon at the same time. Along with the aforementioned sturdiness and sharpness, it also relies on its serrated edge to make itself useful in many situations, whether it is skinning a fish, trapping and gutting an animal, cutting wood or even self-defense. It is commonly issued to military personnel, and despite its relatively small size (4 to 6 inches) it is essential to any outdoor adventure.

Another camper might point out the multi-tool (a.k.a. Swiss Army knife) as a must-have for everyone deciding to explore the great outdoors. Companies producing Swiss Army knives are always improving them and keeping the bar high by never stopping to move forward. Most multi-tools have got the standard features of a blade, scissors or pliers, can openers and corkscrews. Having all these things in one place is an undeniable advantage.

However, the downside is that this convenience is overshadowed by the fact that the little tools are harder to use. Yet, there is no denying this type of knife could be very effective, especially in the light work around the campsite.

Should you plan to go fishing or hunting while on your trip, there are different knives for that as well. They are designed and produced specifically towards the needs of hunters and fishermen and every knife has its purpose: filleting, gutting, skinning, etc. However, since they are not used by every camper we do not put them in the same fashion as the others.

This concerns one of the main debates about camping knives. Some people say that it is better to have a good, reliable weapon that you can use for various purposes. Others insist that having knives, specifically thought out for the convenience of accomplishing different tasks, is handier and could be the thing that saves your life.

Doubtless, having this many choices can be overwhelming. But given that picking out a knife that fits your needs really is one of the vital purchases you would have to make before heading out into the wild, you should consider it seriously. Look around the different options, of which there are many, and find the one you would be most comfortable with, not the one somebody else tells you to.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when comparing the merchandise: sharpness, sturdiness and, well, sometimes there are some things more important than size!

If you really are into camping and survival and want to do it like a professional, we can give you some information and advice on how to recognize the quality and the best usage of a knife. So…

The blade is usually made of stainless steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion because they must be reliable in any weather conditions. Blades differ by chromium contain- the substance which makes the alloy corrosion-resistant. Usually they are marked with a letter and a number. Each letter shows specific characteristics, for example the “A” means air-hardening and medium alloy, the ”D” means high carbon and high chromium and so on. The number is most often a 400 number and the higher it is the more chromium the alloy contains and the harder the steel is. You can easily find the meaning of the letters and numbers of a knife in special tables and decide whether it will satisfy your needs or not. The blade may also be normal or serrated (wood saw). It is very sharp and functional so no matter where you are, you can cut almost everything with it.

As we already talked, there are different types of knives. A camping knife can look like an ordinary knife or have a folding blade, or have many other features and gadgets, such as parcel hook, corkscrew, bottle opener, can opener, awl, etc. Now we will tell you more about these tools!

The parcel hook is often used as a handle of plastic bags or even for tightening your bootlaces. The awl turns out to be a very useful tool in many situations- for drilling extra holes in your belt or if you have a splinter in your finger and don’t have something smaller.
The corkscrew can be successfully used for tightening screws on eyeglasses. Some of the gadgets might be removable and others could be added in their place, so that you get the best of your camping knife!

What are you waiting for? Jump into the wild!

Motorhome – One of the most convenient mean to travel in the UK

Make some beautiful memories while on vacation, but there’s no reason to break your travel budget. Instead of spending time and money on a long flight, why you do not pick on holiday in England?

There are a variety of great destinations and attractions there, that are not likely to experience them all in one travel time of your life. England have a great weekend city, beach and park vacation destination to explore the beautiful nature that is accessible and affordable.

There are some very simple ways to travel around England, including trains, cars and flying. Motorhomes also be an alternative, especially if you are traveling in a group or want to increase flexibility. One of the main advantages of renting a motorhomes is that it acts as a transport and accommodation all in one. If compare to staying in hotels, Motorhomes are a great value for cost-saving production. This will also save you valuable time on your vacation because you do not have to worry about catching the car or waiting in queue for check in to the hotel.

Several roads in the UK can make the trip by motorhome become easier. There will be a lot of different cities, villages and other destinations that you want and also can be used as an excellent alternative to camping. Nature lovers will find that motorhomes can bring them closer to some of the UK’s top national parks such as the New Forest, Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and other. All of this location featuring dozens of caravan site where you can park your bike and have access to the facility for a fraction of the cost of a hotel.

Motorhomes also great for traveling to the beach and other vacation places in the UK. Devon and Cornwall itself is home to a number of caravan sites that are within a stone’s throw from the beach. City breaks are not often associated with motorhome holiday, but in reality there are many sites on the outskirts of major cities in the UK. Even London has 5 caravan sites within the M25 ring. Motorhomes is one affordable way to explore the UK and form wonderful memories with friends and loved ones. Driving yourself gives you the ability to plan a vacation that is flexible so it will not leave you in a hurry to catch a plane, train or bus.

It is also important to remember that traveling with a motorhome you will unlock the ability to visit multiple destinations in one vacation. So before ordering an expensive long-distance holiday, take your time to consider the possibility of hiring a motorhome and enjoy the amazing experience good.

Fun And Educational Field Trips To PAIGNTON Zoo

Paignton Zoo is one of the most amazing places to visit in Devon, especially for families with children. Here you can make your child to remember a memorable experience in a child’s life and your family.

This place is an attractive tourist destination for you and your family, because the zoo has a variety of attractions that can be seen and can also add to the experience. Paignton Zoo is known as the home environment to meet the specific requirements for different types of animals.Here adorable animals that can live comfortably because management is trying to protect them and make them feel at home felt alone. If you can come early to the zoo after breakfast, then you can experience and discover how each animal acting in their own environment. You will be fascinated with the characteristics and behavior as you explore and see the environment as desert and jungle habitat. The tour guide will provide information on wildlife creatures or animals in the zoo, and explain how these animals adapt to survive in the wild. When you bring your kids here, they would love to see exotic birds are different and rare animals in the zoo. They will know how important these animals are allowed to live as if in the wild.

 How do I get to Paignton zoo?

Not too difficult to reach the Paignton Zoo from Devon holiday cottage. If you do not bring your own vehicle here, you can take a bus or taxi to get to Paignton Zoo. When you visit here, you are encouraged to get a map for your journey comfortable and safe around Devon without getting lost. Explore every nook and cranny during a holiday in Devon to make the trip to be enjoyable. You can get out of the lodge and enjoy the holidays and spend enough time you have to visit the Paignton Zoo.

With a cool climate and beautiful scenery of the countryside help make your trip to the Paignton Zoo feels very satisfying and enjoyable. From Torquay train station, take the train to Paigntonmajors, the next stops on the train at Paignton take the bus directly to the zoo. During the trip you can take pictures of beautiful scenery to enjoy and to spend time. Trip as it was very inspiring and fun.

Enjoy A Walking Vacation Along The Coastline of Rambla de Montevideo

Ramblas de Montevideo is located in the coastal capital of Uruguay, which has a length of more than 20 km on the edge of the Rio de la Plata. Are you familiar with the term “boulevard”?.The word or term to refer to all the way boulevard sea off the coast of Uruguay. Each has its own overall rambla known as the Rambla de Pocitos neighborhood. Taken together they are all just called Ramblas.

Take a walk on the Ramblas is the most fun activity if you are on vacation in Montevideo. These activities can be done day or night, by car, bicycle, or on foot. On the Ramblas, each region has different characteristics, such as some old building, with other buildings in the new, modern roads to the beach or no beach, parks, plazas, and other public facilities. But from all that exists has a very beautiful view of the beach and the amazing view of the capital of Uruguay.

On a vacation trip in Montevideo, you can visit at a time when different Ramblas while there to capture the scenic beauty of your camera. Here you also have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful evening there, see the sunset, and around the Ramblas of Ciudad Vieja to the lighthouse at Punta Carretas.

Having tired of walking around, you can visit the Rambla de Pocitos (Rambla Republica del Peru), which is one of the best neighborhood in the city, with fine restaurants, hotels, stores and stores, and the walls of the building on the waterfront.

You can continue to Buceo Rambla (Rambla Armenia), which is an environment with some of the highest and most modern building in Montevideo. In these places there is also a large marina and a pier that extended down to the sea.

Of Rambla de Malvin you might see from a distance the center of Montevideo. You can continue the journey along the Ramblas Carrasco and Punta Gorda, before heading to Interbalneariahighway which is the direction to Punta del Este.


An Adventure Travel To Louisiana Swamp

Have you ever imagined to traverse a swamp in Louisiana by boat? There is no harm if you try to down Louisiana Swamp while enjoying the experience in the swamp and surrounding habitat, and can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the swamp, or feel, and listening to the sounds of animals in the swamp. The trip there many variations, one of which travel by boat which can accommodate many visitors to tour down to the swamp in all areas. For those of you who want to take pictures, here allowed to use the camera to capture every wonderful moment during a trip through the wetlands in Louisiana.

The tourist attractions is Lousiana swamp may be visited by adults or children, or any member of your family. There are many experiences that can be enjoyed there, like seeing plants that live in the swamp, marsh birds and other animals swamp. Here you can also learn about the outdoors, especially about life in Louisiana marsh ecosystem and its beauty. When traveling through the wetlands, this beautiful, you have to get ready with the camera to get pictures of wildlife in the swamp that might run away before you could take a picture. If this is your first time through the swamps of Louisiana, will receive an impressive new experience that may not be obtained by other people. Sometimes tourists do not realize the beauty of this swamp owned and some sound from the arid regions around the swamp.

There are several air boat in the Louisiana swamp tours that take the tourists much less than its capacity, it is done so that the boat can get into areas deeper in the swamp to see the most exotic sites in Louisiana swamp. The air boat carrying passengers deeper into the water and under the moss that floats above the water, and through the humid air in the swamp. The tourists chose two existing facilities are pontoon boat and air boat tour, because the they can get valuable experience of the landscape as a whole swamp without skipping any areas offered in the swamp.

The original place of the guides know about the area and the roads around the swamp, they also offer some interesting facts and provide some entertaining stories along the way. With the knowledge and skills possessed storytelling tour to make the tourists who come impressed and appreciative. The guides here really know and understand about the swamp and surrounding areas, as well as the notion of more information and details about this swamp. If you want to have an adventure through the wetlands, Louisiana, you can go directly to the place and look for some of the amenities you want.

Need Splitted Woods For Your CampFire? A Small Wood Splitter Would Be Of Much Help!

In places like Colorado where thousands of acres of pine forests have been devastated by the Pine Beetle, this is also a great way to save amazing amounts of money. However, if you do decide to use a fireplace or wood stove, there are a few things to remember.

  • First, if you buy your wood in precut cords you will be paying a premium for the work already put into making them.
  • Second, there is no such thing as free; whether you spend your gas and labor to get it, you’re going to pay somehow.
  • And finally, there are ways around paying premiums and using huge logs, you just need to have strong back or a big machine.

A log spitter would help you get this job done much easier

As someone with a not so strong back due to injury, the big machine aspect appealed to me a great deal. When I had a corner of the family room converted into a fireplace my wife thought I was crazy, citing things about how terrible my back is and how I can’t swing an axe everyday to cut the wood to make up for the costs of installation.

However, after a trip to the local farm and ranch supply store, she quickly realized I had thought it out.

At the store we perused the five different models of wood splitters and decided on the medium duty machine. After paying and taking it home with the truck, we had to test it out. The medium strength splitter (which applies seven tons of force) split everything we could throw at it.

Shortly after we bought it many of our neighbors began propositioning us to “rent” the splitter for their own wood.

Where to find a good quality log splitter?

An online auction site might be a good place to look for a wood splitter for sale, or to list one if you have a wood splitter you want to sell. Anyone who uses a lot of firewood every year can make good use of a wood splitter, so you are likely to generate a lot of interest with an online ad for a wood splitter for sale. Buying a used wood splitter online might not be what you want to do, though.

A wood splitter is a piece of heavy equipment that requires proper maintenance and careful use, so buying a used one online might be risky since you can’t know the real history of the tool you are reading about.

It might be a better idea to look for a wood splitter for sale at your local hardware store or lumber yard. Wood splitters come in many different sizes and styles. Going to a store and actually looking them over will help you to decide exactly what type you need. Then, even if you decide to buy a wood splitter new or used online, you will know what to look for.

Wood splitters are available in sizes and designs for casual users and for commercial operations. With splitting forces ranging from five or six tons to as much as twenty five tons, there is a wood splitter for sale for every application. Wood splitters are available with several choices of power sources. Models powered by electric motors, gasoline engines, and human power are all for sale. A wood splitter is a big investment, so it might make sense to rent one (from a neighbor like me who already has one!) for the two or three days per year that you need it.