Need Splitted Woods For Your CampFire? A Small Wood Splitter Would Be Of Much Help!

In places like Colorado where thousands of acres of pine forests have been devastated by the Pine Beetle, this is also a great way to save amazing amounts of money. However, if you do decide to use a fireplace or wood stove, there are a few things to remember.

  • First, if you buy your wood in precut cords you will be paying a premium for the work already put into making them.
  • Second, there is no such thing as free; whether you spend your gas and labor to get it, you’re going to pay somehow.
  • And finally, there are ways around paying premiums and using huge logs, you just need to have strong back or a big machine.

A log spitter would help you get this job done much easier

As someone with a not so strong back due to injury, the big machine aspect appealed to me a great deal. When I had a corner of the family room converted into a fireplace my wife thought I was crazy, citing things about how terrible my back is and how I can’t swing an axe everyday to cut the wood to make up for the costs of installation.

However, after a trip to the local farm and ranch supply store, she quickly realized I had thought it out.

At the store we perused the five different models of wood splitters and decided on the medium duty machine. After paying and taking it home with the truck, we had to test it out. The medium strength splitter (which applies seven tons of force) split everything we could throw at it.

Shortly after we bought it many of our neighbors began propositioning us to “rent” the splitter for their own wood.

Where to find a good quality log splitter?


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An online auction site might be a good place to look for a wood splitter for sale, or to list one if you have a wood splitter you want to sell. Anyone who uses a lot of firewood every year can make good use of a wood splitter, so you are likely to generate a lot of interest with an online ad for a wood splitter for sale. Buying a used wood splitter online might not be what you want to do, though.

A wood splitter is a piece of heavy equipment that requires proper maintenance and careful use, so buying a used one online might be risky since you can’t know the real history of the tool you are reading about.

It might be a better idea to look for a wood splitter for sale at your local hardware store or lumber yard. Wood splitters come in many different sizes and styles. Going to a store and actually looking them over will help you to decide exactly what type you need. Then, even if you decide to buy a wood splitter new or used online, you will know what to look for.

Wood splitters are available in sizes and designs for casual users and for commercial operations. With splitting forces ranging from five or six tons to as much as twenty five tons, there is a wood splitter for sale for every application. Wood splitters are available with several choices of power sources. Models powered by electric motors, gasoline engines, and human power are all for sale. A wood splitter is a big investment, so it might make sense to rent one (from a neighbor like me who already has one!) for the two or three days per year that you need it.


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