Five money-saving tips for Thailand

Thailand is favourite amongst all types of travelers and for good reason. Sparkling white beaches, aquamarine ocean, idyllic islands, fascinating culture and the friendliest of locals make the Southeast Asian country a go-to place for everyone from backpackers through to those seeking the heights of luxury.


The experience you have largely depends on how much you’re willing to spend, but either way you’re promised a great holiday. If you’re on a shoestring budget, here are some simple tips to keep your spending down…

Opt for guesthouses

modern-tropical-villa-with-swimming-poolWith everything from $7-a-night guesthouses to $10,000-a-night beach resorts, cheap holidays to Thailand are largely based on where you choose to stay. Choose guesthouses to keep the cost low, or a bungalow on one of the paradise-like islands in the Andaman Sea. You can also keep the cost down by opting for a fan instead of air conditioning, and sharing a dorm room.

Venture north

Thailand’s tourist spots are Bangkok on the mainland and the southern islands, but if you head north towards Chiang Mai you’ll find it much cheaper. Visiting rural parts of the country like Isaan in the north-east are even less expensive, and will offer a real eye opener into Thai culture, too.

Eat like the localspanang-chicken-curry-thailand-famous-food

Wherever you eat in Thailand, food is very cheap and Thai cuisine is one of the highlights of a holiday here. The cheapest way to eat is to shun restaurants and opt for street food vendors, where meals can easily work out well under $1 per dish. Look out for stands popular with the locals to be sure you’re getting quality.

Budget on the beer

beer-being-poured-into-glass-with-gourmet-hamburgersBuying beer at Thailand’s ubiquitous 7-Eleven shops is a great way to save on your bar tab. If you prefer hanging out in bars, keep an eye out for Happy Hours for half-priced drinks – they’re popular in most bars in tourist hubs like Bangkok and Krabi Town.

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