Explore the Magnificent Glory and Diversity of India

India is home to a large number of aboriginals, who lead a lifestyle dissimilar to the modern world. It is the 7th largest country in the world offering various tourist attractions in India.India tourism offers you a chance to discover India’s cultural and ethnic diversity especially during India holidays. Every district presents you with a different native folk, speaking different language and wearing unique hand-made attire. India tourism offers you an opportunity to discover India on your own. You can select from various tourist attractions in India.In India holidays and festivals are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.



Tourist attractions in India not only offer magnificent beauty but they also offer you an amazing experience. These magnificent vast stretches of sea and sand abound India and tourism facilities let you enjoy its magnificence. India holidays offer you a better chance of exploring Indian culture. Since the last five centuries, it has become an amalgamation of monuments, century old churches, breath-taking beaches, improving tourism.There are many attractions for tourists in India.

My experience in India gave me an opportunity to experience life at its best and after visiting the major sites in India, my hunger still exists.My trip was only a tip of the iceberg. India tourism offers much more to a budding traveler. During holidays and festival season in Indian region the marketplace is full of roars and cheers. Life is not lived but celebrated by Indians, especially during special summer or winter holidays. In metropolitan cities, whether its summer season or winter season, people are out on the streets 24/7.


Best time to visit is during India holidays occurring between October and March. The weather in northern India is pleasant around the year which makes sight-seeing a pleasurable experience. Tourist attractions in India offer a breath of fresh air to the tourists. InIndia holidays are mostly in October coinciding with the festivals. From October to March, Indian tourism reaches its peak, due to the conducive weather and most scintillating festivals that rejuvenate India’s every street. First two festivals to be witnessed in October are Dussehra and Diwali, taking place towards the end of the month. Indian tourism lets you enjoy all these festivals.


To enjoy India holidays, visit Goa, which holds a Mardi Gras carnival which is a must visit for every tourist. In March, the revitalizing Holi takes place with color powder and water fights. You would love the perkiness involved in this festival, with parities, traditional dances and delicious local food. You can enjoy your holidays in various other places in India too. Remember the beaches at Goa are stunningly luring. The peace and tranquility combined with the beauty of nature will soothe you thoroughly and you will feel immensely blessed with happiness.India tourism helps you offset the oppressive heat by cool and pleasant temperatures in the Northern regions of India, including Goa, Darjeeling and Kerala. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore amazing tourist attractions in India.

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